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Colour to Life - Chiildrens Book
HOT OFF THE PRESS! Colour to Life is a colouring and drawing book for adults and children of all ages.

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Creativity and Education

There has been a recent focus on the lack of creativity in education systems on a world wide scale. Creativity is not just about making artwork, we are all creative in our own, unique ways.

The development of this natural ability is often overlooked by the current education focus
on 'academic test results', and is often stifled by the 'overuse' of TV and digital media.
As entertaining as this is, it doesn't do much for encouraging kids to use their 'own imagination' and generate their 'own ideas'.

Creativity is about being playful, flexible, open, honest and spontaneous. It has to do with the ability to 'think creatively' and to have the confidence to move past the fear of 'being different' or 'being wrong', to express this. Creativity allows us to generate new ideas that lead to discovery, problem solving and self expression in all areas of life.

We have created a new book called Colour to Life which is designed to help out parents and teachers by encouraging the natural creative process in children. When this vital process is encouraged, it allows the growing person more confidence in using creative thinking techniques, that when developed can assist positively in all areas of life and allow us to readily express our given talents.

Below is an inspiring speech delivered at a TED conference on our creative capacity and the benefits of 'educating the whole person'. Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?


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